Aim & Scope

The AMET Maritime Journal provides an international forum for the publication of original scientific contributions and critical reviews involving maritime and marine related disciplines on-board, off-shore and on-shore principally in line with academic offerings at the University. The coverage is broadly classed into six fields
(a) Nautical and Maritime Sciences,
(b) Marine Engineering and Maritime Electronics & Electrical Engineering,
(c) Maritime Management,
(d) Shipbuilding  & Offshore Structures,
(e) Ocean & Coastal Engineering,  and
(f) Offshore Oil and Gas.

International expertise from each of the above areas is drawn to comprise the Editorial Board who also peer-review manuscripts in their areas of expertise. The journal aims to achieve a balanced representation of subject areas.

The journal also publishes proceedings of symposia as well as guest-edited suites on thematic topics in regular issues. This international refereed journal aims to presents timely information as well as recent findings from research and analysis that bear directly on management, operations and policy in the maritime domain.  The Journal provides a vehicle for the dissemination of research towards the underpinning scientific foundation of all decisions in maritime disciplines. 

 All views expressed are those of the author and not necessarily those of the Editors.